About Ava & AC Dancewear

Ava Childs

The Designer

A Bay Area Native, Ava Childs studied Fine Art and Illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. During a break from her studies there, she lived in Paris, France where she became inspired by the art form that is Haute Couture, and upon her return, she switched her focus to Clothing Design.

After working in the local Apparel Industry for a few years, she landed a position in the Theatre Arts Department at Mills College, and this is where here career in Costuming began.

From there, she worked for SF Opera, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, CMC & Design, among other places, and also has experience in costuming for film and television.

In addition to her skills as a costumer, Ava is a figure skater and avid Salsa dancer. Design and Dance, her two major interests came together when she began creating costumes for freestyle competitors from local ice rinks.

Gradually, she began specializing in costuming for ice dancers, inspired by the the drama and artistry of the various ballroom dances. This was the beginning of AC Dance wear.

The Passion

Ava is passionate about design. She is inspired by many things; art, music, film, current fashion, and of course the creative athleticism of the dancers themselves. Her designs are glamorous, couture quality, with unique detailing, and most of all, they are made for movement.

What is important to her is that the dancer is in an outfit that makes her feel good, and that it appropriately
reflects the mood of the dance being performed. She wishes to create an experience as enjoyable for
the spectator, as the performer.

Her goals are to develop exciting, original dance apparel, and to provide exceptional customer
service for the amateur and professional performer in Ballroom and Latin Dance.

In doing so, she hopes to create a positive image for the dance community, while promoting
awareness and appreciation for dance as an art form.